Saturday, February 7, 2009

Universal Music????????

When we are talking about music, theres a lot of it, from the aged we are not born, its exist until now, we surrounded by music. i love music, music rythm click to our heart, feel to dance, sing with the singer, or just the melody, its harmonic of each instrument,played by the profesional, it doesnt matter what type of music youre listen to, but it depends on your priority to reduce your tension, or just having fun with it...

I love jazz,waltz, but might be unliken by others, its still, universal to say that music can make people hates somebody...but it just human nature. but feel free with the music.!!!!!!

do you love rock music??????

I love it to..but just a certain of it, not all the music of rock i like, seems people have another definition on how they describe the rock music for their own opinion. still, feel free to listen the music...such helloween, metalica, yess, definitely, this band already being known all over the world, i love their music, some song can be my favourite...

how bout this punk music???

just a certain of it can be my favourite to, especially from malaysia,A.C.A.B, one of my brothers favourite, but not bad, their song not to directly into the punk daily life, their song more to contain of express on what their think for this life, but sure, not really that bad. try to listen.

SKA???love it...!!!!!!

we kind like a place to put all the type of music together here in Malaysia, we have new born of music such as indie song, even its exist long time ago, but now it become habit for those people who active in this type of song, nowadays, this band speak up and really fast growth and being except by malaysian citizen, like a carnival and fiesta, we appreciate on the creativity and loyalty to support our own music industry..Peace!!

What type of it, what song you listen, just be it, people love it, try to love it, just be it, no body say no, just dont try to put music into your own war,music not an item to start your controversy, just chill with it, enjoy with it....PEACE no WAR!!!