Monday, February 9, 2009

are u lucky enough????

Are you lucky enough??
People always want something that really related to easier living situation. But it may not like what we had today, but sometimes others will get it easy.
I’m not telling that this kind of situation are wrong, but people who not easy to get in into that kind of situation, what are they need to do? Even I’m also, always talking by myself, why I’m not rich like Mr. Trump? Why I’m not clever like Bill Gate? Why I’m not sporty like Dato’ Nicole David?
See, it always plays into my mind. Which are plays by your mind to? I think yes. But when I think again, it is not wrong to be what I’m right now; I’m not good looking, but attractive, hahahaha
I’m not clever enough, but I’m creative, I’m not sporty, but I can ran more than 2 kilometers, see, that was my capability on trying something that I can do.
Before this, I never thought that I can manage to attempt any University, but on my ability to capture a thing to be done, I manage to get in into UiTM, and I love it.
Sacrifice may be use to any person who living as a human in this tiny world. Dignity and trust on good thing will get you something more benefit to be price on what we do, what we feel, and what we trust.

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