Saturday, April 4, 2009

film critic time!!!!!! fast and furious 4

ok...this is the time when I had a time more relaxing than do something about learning, arghhhhh!!!!!! the exam just around the corner.... calm down...need to relax..

before i having a period on a busy thing, better i cheer up my thing first...

firstly, I ahd a good time to watched a new movie with my friends. last night, saturday night, we had a fast and furious 4 and it was tremendously great movie ever(for this year) compare to others moive (for this year), but i waiting for the next transformer to come, and also wolverine....

back to fast and furious movie, the introduction of it, was chaos, so thrilled!!! even we had to watched about 10 minutes ahead, but it seems that this movie still has an attractiveness..

want to make a story about our situation last night, it was a first time we had a bad time to watched, because we have to sit in front of the movie hall, beside the quality of the management was so low, why???? the film just stop like that, blank for 14 minutes... everyone just get angry of it, but what we can do??? just waiting for the movie roll on back... after a few minutes, it continue..

this story is about a continuity of the previous fast and furious movie, but Dom girlfriend died on the first sad...

Im not going to tell all the story, but do watched it, we spend our money for a good quality movie....okaaaay!!!!!