Monday, May 31, 2010


aku benci diri sendiri bila berhadapan ngan situasi ni... napa perlu aku jumpa semua ni?? kalau aku tahu dari dulu aku akan sakit macam ni, tidak mau mula pun walau sepatah kata.... aku tahu bodoh aku tahap dewa sdh... tapi amcam kalau sudah hati sdh ada syg????

sepatah haram pun tidak kuar dri mulut.... like an invisible seal bibir dari becakap.... orang ckp bila bedepan dengan org yg kita syg, pasti lutut mengeletar... serius, tadi mau pengsan... i dont know what to do...

feel stupid, malu... sebab bagi dia, just ordinary human or maybe alien dimata nya... mungkin dia rasa lain aku nda becakap.. ya lah, bukan someone special, kawan ja...harap dia faham, aku nda tecakap apa pun td...

for blogger, just nak bgtau, aku tak dapat kawal semua... I know, people will say that just forget h**...dia bukan syg ko...tapi apa boleh buat, klu sdh hati ni mcm terpahat mati untuk namanya...

semua kawan aku, please, jauhkan aku jika bole aku xmau jumpa... bila tgk muka dia td, macam usaha aku selama aku tak jmpa sia-sia... bodoh..

j'aime toujours..... :'(

Friday, May 28, 2010


now... the process of forgetting the one that I love... A lots of things should be done or activity to loose my self beside on thinking of what I had for the 4 and half years with.....

I think I can do it, try to minimize or decreasing the feeling or touching emotion on my thought everyday.. especially things relate to.....haha

I've got this power because of one situation, by sms-ing, I don't know this has to be the causes, but its happen after the situation... feel embarrassing, feel guilty to myself, to others, and also for the person that I had feeling too.....

now I have to run, as fast as I can from the bad things before I become worst more than now....

I've got nothing to say....thats why this post has exist on the next posting...huhu

bosann=bored, nothing to do... haiyahhhhhh!~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ku ada kamu - Adira courtesy by ASTRO

Saturday, May 22, 2010 song BEST!

post in BM...hehe.. boleh la final AF8.....mak aku memang lah tak suka sangat shahir menang... tapi apa boleh buat, mak aku admit juga la suara best, lagu best..hehehe

anyway, what i love most about their attribute for the finale AF, their song... BEST!!!!!
suka adira... apa2 pun bukan rezeki... rezeki kau ada di depan sana... GUD JOB!
lagu menyentuh hati sekali..... ku ada kamu-ADIRA
ehmmm....poyo-RSVP-MAULANA... in gud way....i love it..!
macho-Kebahagiaan dalam perpisahan-SHAHIR
like it.....-V.I.P-IWAN

yang lain tak dengar lagi.....but, i'll buy the album....nanti...hehe
on top of it.... "senyumlah..kerana ada seseorang menyayangi anda".... :)

new promo.......p/s im single....huhu

first single..... hehe.... I know, I never been in love, but its truth, I used to be one of the character that in love someone... meaning that, crush...

but it just what they called, unnoticed love by them.. well, beauty still the power of getting love... hehe.. dont blame me.... I know, I just depressing enough to say that I'm to emotion to get one....

well, God knows the best for my destiny...

what should I do rite now???
find some one???

or just let the destiny comes with what have been wrote for me???

or just do my best on my future career and end up solo and become "andartu terlampau"???

just nak tolong promo.... ive been watch the trailer....quite funny....hehe....

waiting for this coming in theater, i thing it's shows already....go malaysian, proud to has this in the industry...

back to mine, im single...

p/s available, but nothing can change it....haha...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

now I hate both of it....!!!

well., only 1hr 34minute,32 second,...and decreasing,...nge~ I'm waiting for depart from gate 12 to KK which flight AK5112, and its delay....suppose to be 6.50 goes to 7.30... aiyakkkkk!

back to the title up there, recently i told my family, frens, and sometimes, in facebook, that I dont like to use MAS to fly..not because of the ticket was expensive, (eventually).hehehe.... but, the internet only limited to 2 Hr..... NOW., Lcct do the same thing, Oh God....

plus, it has been strictly just one bag can enter to the cabin, now I have to purchase a price of Rm3o for only 10.7kg and it just one(1) bag.....

Thank God i save my money for not eating at McDonald, because I've got ony Rm50 in my pocket, now what should I do??? ask for money from daddy??? he just gave me Rm100......aiyyooooo!!!~~

please, macamana mau enjoy kalau teda duit ni????? sigh*

hoping for miracle to come.... haish....~*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I felt looser, down without love...

I know something bothering me lately,
Because of what I've been through,
sigh it felt with misery,
such things always happen to me..

I know God send someone that will love me,
but till then nobody's around,
loving me like they love their part,
maybe someday..

I'll always wait....