Thursday, May 13, 2010

now I hate both of it....!!!

well., only 1hr 34minute,32 second,...and decreasing,...nge~ I'm waiting for depart from gate 12 to KK which flight AK5112, and its delay....suppose to be 6.50 goes to 7.30... aiyakkkkk!

back to the title up there, recently i told my family, frens, and sometimes, in facebook, that I dont like to use MAS to fly..not because of the ticket was expensive, (eventually).hehehe.... but, the internet only limited to 2 Hr..... NOW., Lcct do the same thing, Oh God....

plus, it has been strictly just one bag can enter to the cabin, now I have to purchase a price of Rm3o for only 10.7kg and it just one(1) bag.....

Thank God i save my money for not eating at McDonald, because I've got ony Rm50 in my pocket, now what should I do??? ask for money from daddy??? he just gave me Rm100......aiyyooooo!!!~~

please, macamana mau enjoy kalau teda duit ni????? sigh*

hoping for miracle to come.... haish....~*