Friday, December 10, 2010

finally got it!!!! resultt!!!~

amazingly this last semester just different to other period, you know that this is the answer of am I getting to grad on time??? does it feel to be proud on what I do for 3 years?? yes! I proud for what I've been done for the last semester.... but the CGPA doesn't look good for me.... oh my... btw, it's done... I'm finally graduate on time...... Thank You Allah,..... Thank you for the bless... my dad and mom, I know,I'm the one who spent a lot for the expenses in this 3 years... degrees in my hand! I just need to pray for what I'm going to do in a future.. and to my family, brothers and sisters.... hope this will be a start of our new life in rich and famous...hahahaha... nada dduit.....uwaaahh!~

ok, just for sure, i really wanted to work as govern server.., hoping for what I waited for so long, it'll come to me soon as possible.....pray for me guys......

Thursday, December 2, 2010

aku sahaja belum keja.....:(

ok... aku belum keja.... susah nya cari keja, bila dapat keja, not fit with my desire...haha.. bkn memilih, tapi cara nak pgi keja tu susah sangat...

hope to seek more opportunity.... sigh*

permohonan UMS!!!

Yes definitely im thrilled wheen i was saw the statement that I will sit for the test of psychometric... but until now there is no feedback, when I will do for the test, since that the statement only show this:

lama sangat2 aku tunggu tuk dipanggil....ok, ive already try to call the person who incharge for the recruitment, Mr. Kelvin, and I try it a lot, almost a day, no body pickup the phone, since this is one of the only connection to seek the answer, and no answer for my Q, how am i going to do??? pleassseee...someon who really know about on how to seek the answer...please pm me.... :)