Friday, December 25, 2009

todays feeling!

ok, first of all.,its Christmas! for those who celebrate, felis nevidad to you.. I'm really sorry to my friends, veronica, cant be there at your home rite now, for celebrate it.. busy bees comes around me, my mom took a christmas catering, so from morning until now, cooks all the times..hehe

today, i will fly back to shah alam, again.. using AirAsia.., (proud to have it)..hehe...

my flight will be at 8.25pm., having a slidely changes.., suppose to be at 7.45pm...i dont know why...

nevermind, as long as I arrived savely, its ok...

okay...thats it for the post.. maybe not having "A Networking" for the coming next week.. Ive got no broadband at all, and no wireless around my living area.sigh*.... taraaaa!~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

clear my eyes.....

clairement mes yeux
pour voir exactement ce qui à vos yeux
j'ai trouvé quelque chose dans le vôtre
mais les choses ne me rend pas heureux
pendant que vous y étiez
essayez de sortir votre mot à dire
J'ai toujours être prêt
sur ce que vous avez fait pour moi


clear my eyes
to see what exactly in your eyes
i found something in yours
but the things doesn't make me happy
while you were there
try to pull out your say
i always be ready
on what you've made it for me

Sunday, December 20, 2009

post in Bahasa Malaysia campur....sorry..

jam 2.30am. 20.disember.2009
.microsoft word.

seminggu lagi aku akan terbang, pgi shah alam....blik, mesti rumah sewa skang bebau...mgkin sbb refrigerator., sampah tdk buang,.. haish...*

tdk tau lagi mau tggl tmpt si bigak or not, sbb macam malas pla...lagipun mau seja smpi rumah tu, and buat segala apa yang patut, kemas...

bila fikir-fikir balik, lama juga aku cuti ni, 1 1/2 buln... yg memilukan, tidk jumpa pla....

malas la mau fikir lagi pasal dia,... geram pun ada... nasib baik ada kawan2 yang buat happy, got family yang tau apa erti enjoy.. i enjoy myself skang klu di rumah...

kalau di kira berapa kali jalan2 sama kawan, mgkin lgi bnyk dri dulu, hehe....

terimas segalanya utk kawan2 yg sponsor kenderaan, sponsor gelak ketawa, sponsor cerita, tanpa tu semua, tdk bermakna la juga cuti ku ini...

walaupun ada kesedihan lain menimpa, dri segi pembelajran, exam result, suckss...!

pasal tu lagi, pasal dia lagi, bru ja aku fikir, napa la aku perlu ada perasaan mcm ni.. patut la rambut gugur,LOL...

tapi think from the brightside, kalau la aku tidak fikir mcm tu, mgkin aku tdk kenal erti tangisan, syahdu, pengalaman pahit, walaupun semua ni orang tdk nampak.., biar diri sendiri saja, yang tau aku ni mcm mana....

i know, lots people wil drag me into kind of " normality"., like my best friends said,( kalau ko baca, ko mesti senyum heheheh), tu hanya "feeling kita", kita tdk bole halang, yang penting jangan langkah besar sehingga lupa diri...(ni aku punya kata)...hehe

biar la...( balik2 aku ckp bnda tu)..., tp bila sampai aku berangan( mcm kata sorang kawan tu), mula la tetes air mata ini jatuh smpi ke lubang telinga, sbb aku baring klu nangis...huhuhu

ooppsss... aku nangis, sbb apa?? bnyk perkara.... bkn pasal dia ja., bnyykkkkkkk..!!....emo yang amat sangt...

tapi apa bole buat, kegembiraan datang dari hati yang tulus ikhlas membuat sesuatu, jangan mengharap pembalasan., hanya senyum dan tarik nafas... tapi....

masih lagi aku rasa kesedihan membelenggu...

apa boleh buat, manusia,... aku hanya manusia biasa, punya perasaan yang berlainan dari makhluk lain... mungkin ada yang sama, tapi sedikit kelainan...

apa yang aku mengarut2 ni, ntah la... ni kali sekadar memenuhi syarat blogger... post some headline...

i know, this kind of boring thing that comes out from what ive taught about.., learning from the experience...

bosan punya kerja....



Sunday, December 13, 2009

miss you....

lonely calling me tonight
surround by the soft melody
of a song that linger through my ear
tears fall down to my cheek..

afraid it will not coming back
by the grief that i always said
by the drops that i never collect
but its hard to make it stop...

hope something will called the history
the smile that i always put on me
the tears that you always see


Saturday, November 28, 2009

tikus ku

Friday, November 27, 2009

i know this will happen to me....

felt annoyed by some others human that live nearest to my 'convenience', just make me piss of... i don't know whose I'm going to express this feeling, only dropping a words makes me feel better..

"why people judge on the physical attraction? darling, it a mother nature...."


some of people out there try to kill on what i felt before to some other called as 'subject', made my trust and honored to them goes to zero...

what comes from my mouth, become a manipulation for them to get what they really want. every time i spell out, lead them to do something out of so called 'friendship relationship'...

that's why i never trust nobody.

only, a few people i love, trust, being honored to be my friends, family, and a good citizen...

you know who...

little hurt expression comes from a heart....:(

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I dont want to be a friends!!

rararararara,......hehehe..something hidden of meaning in the songs of lady gaga, bad romance...sigh,,..*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mari kita ketawa!!!!

ingat waktu kecil......hehehehehe

Friday, November 13, 2009

hurt so much.....:(

a long time to 'hibernated' here in my own home at sandakan...just get back from shah alam yesterday... im sorry, a 'busy bee' always do its job, to make my situation un-systemated, dont have times to put a words in, got time, got story, got everything ....

after the extremely hardest part of my courses, for this semester, really bad to call it as a manipulator for higher CGPA,arggh.. doesnt make any proud things to called as a best graders... my though...but i always try my best, (typical word....sigh*)

but the thing that i hate bout my attribute for this life, especially my 6 months trial for this semester, i didnt attend for the CTU paper....adduuss...., never mind, anything has the reason...Only God knows why....

while im here, at my hometown, the first thought came out when i was landed, just to find my mom and hug her, definitely im missing her so much.....second my dad,..and the rest would be my family...duhh...

but the most highest level on my thinking was a person who really make my heart and brain wrote h** name on my imagination, i dont know,....just h** running the engine of my feeling, never written on any other names....just h**,....thats the reason why i came back..but not to meet h**, just to feel near, thats it..

people especially friends, thought that i was crazy by waiting on the reply of h** love....i always put myself to step on the reality, never put myself into fantasy, i know that...but feelings cannot remain normal as people out there, trying to change and just it,...

sad song always flew its melody, lingering to my ears, playing the love song, never against on it, cos i know it will heal my heart,.when i cry, it make me feel better...yaa, and i know, cry will not put h** to be stand in front of me feel the same way to,it will not happen..

but ill pray for h**, with all my heart, hope everything h* do, every path of h** life will be better without me by h** side....

love you....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Lebaran.......

Its raya time!!!!!!!! during this most prosperous day, i would like to wish to all of bloggers a happy hari raya....

long time i havent do blogs, busy with all thing of "preparing".... hehe

k la,.......end of my word...selamat hari raya...maaf zahir batin.....:)

Monday, August 31, 2009

a night before merdeka....hihuhuh

I just went back home after celebrated for a birthday party, not so party, bcoz on mood of fasting, so we had a meal after breakfast.....

3 beautiful people...hehehe

farid, E, zarul and Hassan

cupcake homemade by intan

before we heading to Intan's house, we decided to bought a present to Fared, the birthday boy, and we choose a mug for the gift.

1 Malaysia signature....hehehe.....from up left; E, mimie, Imah, Jiha, Intan..
from left below; syam, moey(me), zarul, D.d and Farid(birthday Boy)

Intan told us to came early before he achange plan, so surprised him after we arrived together... nice breakfast so called 'party',hehehe.,,so those are the picture, the turqoise color is the birthday boy, and the organizer; intan wore matched color with his boyfriend...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak dan Merdeka!

even im late to wish u all, but still we in a mood of Ramadhan. now we in a 9th of Ramadhan, si 9 days already we have been fasting.

syukur, we still live in a country far from war compare to the middle east country that fighting for their needs.

as we know, tomorrow also a big day to celebrate by us, a Merdeka Day, so in a month of Ramadhan , let us pray to Allah s.w.t, to have the prosperous and bless for living in a such wonderful and peaceful country.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a crappy holiday to me.... :(

recently, me, as a student of uitm, im not sure if this called a happy feeling or bad on having a holiday shocked announcement last week. For other students, well, they went back home to their own hometown,but for those who live far away from shah alam, like me, is hard to express my feeling, either like it or not....

my friends told me to go back to setiawangsa, coz my cousins were live there.. but, im to lazy to 'move my butt', hehehe....

so I finish my holiday alone here in my new rented house... hhehhheehh

living alone doesn't make me feel afraid,especially when i have an experience living alone while having a practical; during my diploma studies,i live in a village, surrounded by coconut tree and bushes, and when night comes,its so dark, there were no light at all on the road, but what makes me feel brave to live there, House of Allah(mosque) just next to my house,...hehehe...

when 'azan' on air, many of the dogs will do the singing, hoooohhooooohoooo...!! hahah, just like in a coir, so harmony...hehe..

so for this holiday, alone, again... many think i do just watched tv, dance like crazy, singing alone, and buy food in tapau only,...

its feel bored, but i have decided on it, to live alone than go back home to setiawangsa...

thats all for the news.....hehehe

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a week in shah alam...

every thing had changed, im moved into a new house, a new housemate, same roomate, a new semester....

lately, the weather of shah alam become disaster, jerebuuuu!!!!....or jelebu???? pikir sendiri la...hehehe

i have record the situation in shah alam on having a very high risk jerebu... tengok la....:)

Friday, July 3, 2009

back to schoollll!!!

another grumble feeling to go back to UiTM... without notice or something to have from ***, its a sad situation...never mind, just think bout another thing, maybe its right to forget bout ***.....

sedih dengar lagu ciara-never ever....gosh!!

ok...tomorrow is the day....7.55pm will be the, bye Sandakan, bye family, bye ***.........sigh*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's my Dad....huhu

ok, today is sunday, on 21th of june, we celebrate the fathers regard on that, whole of my siblings brothers and sisters were making a fathers day cake,homemade orange butter cake....huhuhu

hope tommorow ada yg terharu...huhuhu

this the picture of the cake!!!

hope my dad will like it....dadi....we called him dadi...hehehe...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

is this a cursed or something?????

okay....what I hate about my life, a situation when I'm not doing wrong on it, but people drag me into it as a blame., let say, there point at me,blame me if the things broken.. gosh!!

I feel disguise when that happen towards me, especially those people around is a family related with me...

I'm not the one who broke the things, the thing just suddenly appear to be broke.

malas betul bila sudah jadi gitu, orang terus cakap aku yang buat, oh God, I really a bad luck person??? why it always happen to me????

Friday, June 19, 2009

Drama Nur Kasih

drama ini sudah 3 episod berlalu, semakin syok di tonton.. drama yang diarahkan oleh Khabir Batia ini sungguh cantik dilihat pemandangan yang di ambil untuk diketengahkan cerita-cerita berunsurkan keislaman.Amat berkualiti tinggi....

jangan lupa tonton ya...

sokong lah drama tempatan, bukan apa, siapa lagi kalau bukan kita sendiri anak Malaysia yang akan menaikkan martabat orang Malaysia, bukan orang Indonesia, bukan Singapura,dan sebagainya.

kita sendiri...

drama kita, kualiti terjamin....made in Malaysia, beli buatan Malaysia...hehehe

Sunday, June 14, 2009

kris allen......

kris allen : aint no sunshine......


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adam Lambert is gay.... (confession)

eventhough that he is someone who called as a rock gay, but he still have those talented voice to be proud...macam jantan juga la suara dia kan??hehehe

NEW YORK – "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert has landed the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where he talks about sex, drugs and his "Idol" experiences. The 27-year-old singer from San Diego acknowledges in an interview that he's gay, and says it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. "I'm proud of my sexuality," he says. "I embrace it. It's just another part of me."

Lambert says he was inspired to audition for the Fox network singing competition after having a "psychedelic experience" at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. There, he says, he experimented with "certain funguses."

"I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it's fast and broad," he says of "Idol."

Lambert emerged as an early front-runner and judge favorite, thanks in part to his soaring vocal range.

When he moved into the show's Bel-Air mansion with the other finalists, he roomed with Kris Allen, who won the "Idol" title over Lambert last month.

"I was like, `Oh, (bleep), they put me with the cute guy,'" Lambert says. "Distracting! He's the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type _ except that he has a wife. I mean, he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100 percent straight."

According to Rolling Stone, Lambert was open about his sexuality backstage at "Idol." In March, photos surfaced online of Lambert kissing his ex-boyfriend.

"Going into `Idol,' I assumed, `OK, people are going to talk,'" he says. "I mean, I've been living in Los Angeles for eight years as a gay man, I've been at clubs making out with somebody in the corner. But photographic evidence? Didn't count on that. Wasn't ready for that."

He says he worried that a public announcement would overshadow his singing, so he decided not to respond and largely kept his personal life under wraps on the show.

"I'm an entertainer, and who I am and what I do in my personal life is a separate thing," he says. "It shouldn't matter. Except it does. It's really confusing."

Lambert says he isn't interested in being the poster child for gay rights. "I'm trying to be a singer, not a civil-rights leader."

He also reveals that he began smoking pot and tried Ecstasy for the first time while performing in a European production of "Hair" in his early twenties.

"I've finally checked in to my self-worth for the first time in my life, and the fact that it has coincided with `Idol' is so sweet," he says. "I mean, I still have moments where I think, `Oh, my skin is terrible, and I'm a little fat, I should really go to the gym more.' But for the most part, when I look in the mirror now, I finally see someone who can do something cool."


Fox is a unit of News Corp.

Thursday, June 4, 2009



this coming 11 june, will be the result for our april 2009 exam...

tidak lama lagi....feel so scared...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What the issued?????


Saturday, May 16, 2009


hehhehehhe.......the lazy person, comes out with a lazy to lazy to put all the pictures we had during the joyride, how about, just look through my facebook, and its a lot of it in there....


malas nyer nak update....huhuhuhuuh

click on the right side which has wrote a 'facebook' with it....heheheheh

Friday, May 15, 2009

savely reach to my own house here at sandakan!!

Thank God, im reaching my own place, my precious moment with my family will begin for a new books.,heheeh..... using my brothers new desktop, it was so attractive, so fierce.,with a dragon sticker on it body, and it place at our room,. so coooooooll,and it connected with internet, before this we had to used our family desktop outside in our living room, but now, definitely,easy for us to surve the internet....yehhhooOOOO!!!!

while my second brother was a technician,and working as a technician in one of unknown company, it will ease us to get a new update about new things,new gadgets, new software, and new downloader software,its important for ME....hahahaha.....

but now, im sitting on chair, doing surfing the internet, boring!!.....

im waiting for my friends to pick me up, go to club, or somewhere around the town, watch the movie,.like we always do when we get our semester break...

but not all of them are here, one doing his last foundation semester in KK, and the other one doing his short course in KL.....but i still have Fiffy,jumat,and ridan here....hehehehe...we break the dawn around the time again....!!!Heheheheh

change the topic!!!!!

okay, im sorry for not sending any post for a few days, exam just leave us for about a 2 week ago, so on that period, i hve'nt so much time to post any news, or my routin agenda,....sorry....(T,T)

but, just want to tell every blogger here, last week,my bunch of friends and I were having so much fun on doing a joyride, to Port Dickson and Melaka, and some sort of seremban area.. hehheh......

it was so hot, and sunburn all over my face, my neck, and not my body....hehehehe.....cos, i was wore a long slieve t shirt, so safe for my body.....huhuhu

i would love to send a picture of us there, but all of it in my laptop, so maybe next time i will post it here...

im tired, need to get rest, need to sleep....taraaaAAAAAAaaaaaAa!!!!! mwaaaxx


Monday, April 27, 2009

lirik terbaru...untuk Dato Siti Nurhaliza

lagu ni lagu post dlm b.m. ......klu tgk bait2 lirik, lebih tertumpu pada yang sudah kahwin, so lagu ni sesuai sekali ntuk Dato Siti Nurhaliza...hahah,besar tul angan2 mau bagi lagu ni sama Dato....amin...(hehehe)

lena mu indah

andai kau buka matamu
tatkala ku menanti hadirmu
rasa sebuah keabadian cintaku
hanya muncul tika bersamamu

masih ada riang waktu
yang boleh ku berikan padamu
segala rahsia hati yang kaku
selama tidurmu berlalu

bangunlah tatap wajahku
kerna diriku cintaimu
telah lama ku tunggu
hadirmu menjelma dalam hidupku

sepi kini takkan ada lagi
cebis pengalaman yang menghantui
seru wahai kekasih hati
bangun tatap wajah ku ini

copyright original from

Saturday, April 4, 2009

film critic time!!!!!! fast and furious 4

ok...this is the time when I had a time more relaxing than do something about learning, arghhhhh!!!!!! the exam just around the corner.... calm down...need to relax..

before i having a period on a busy thing, better i cheer up my thing first...

firstly, I ahd a good time to watched a new movie with my friends. last night, saturday night, we had a fast and furious 4 and it was tremendously great movie ever(for this year) compare to others moive (for this year), but i waiting for the next transformer to come, and also wolverine....

back to fast and furious movie, the introduction of it, was chaos, so thrilled!!! even we had to watched about 10 minutes ahead, but it seems that this movie still has an attractiveness..

want to make a story about our situation last night, it was a first time we had a bad time to watched, because we have to sit in front of the movie hall, beside the quality of the management was so low, why???? the film just stop like that, blank for 14 minutes... everyone just get angry of it, but what we can do??? just waiting for the movie roll on back... after a few minutes, it continue..

this story is about a continuity of the previous fast and furious movie, but Dom girlfriend died on the first sad...

Im not going to tell all the story, but do watched it, we spend our money for a good quality movie....okaaaay!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

little note to the psycho...

dear pyscho,

am I falling through the wrong part??
am I being manipulate to the surrounding situation??
am I being control by the human who doesnt know how to life??
better tell me because its hurting me..
better be honest by using confession,
tell me the truth so I'm not waiting..

I hope a little faith guide me to achive the destiny,
the line which bring me to broke the berrier,
clear my path, clear my reality,
so it wont be a fantasy that being killing my soul..

dear pyscho,

push me away, so I wont be near at you,
help me to pull again, my happiness back than.,
hoping again my destiny will remain..
hope I get what a thing missing and un seeing..

yours hatter,
the lovers...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

tag by hazel aka anin!!!! and I tag everyone!!

ok....this is what ive done for the research,,hahahaah.... anin!!!, sdh post...!!

1. Who are you?
*moey aka marlan bestest..hahahaha

2. Are we friends?

3. When and how did we meet?
*room 11 sem satu...hahaha

4. Have you ever had any feelings about me good/bad?
*sombong giler, bila sdh kenal, OMG, friendly,chicky,hahahaha...gurau

5. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
*naughty chicky gurl...(pjg nyer)hahah

6. Describe me in one word.

7. What was your first impression?

8. Do you still think that way about me now?
*betambah lagi...hehehe

9. What reminds you of me?

10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
*a smile and advice...mcm dlm gmbr tu..hahaha

11. How well do you know me?
*lot of...ngeeeee~ tp itu amanah..saya diam...ok..dont wory...mwax!

12. When's the last time you saw me?
*last thursday in the morning, after eco...hehehe

13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

14. Are you going to post this in your notes and see what I say about you?

15. What is my best attribute?
*advice to...


Friday, March 20, 2009

moi expose this semester!!!!

im excited to have an expose this morning...because of i like myself to talk in different language and attempt to do it., (bahasa bangsa sendiri pun nda tau,mau bahasa perancis) least, I try...

so this is what i made for my expose:

bonjour, j'aime faire les courses
aujourd'hui il fait beau
j'ai envie de sortir ce soir a Sunway Pyramid
je achete un pull
j'ai rendez-vouz avec Marlan et Diba a sept heures et demie
j'ai une course a faire
on va au cinema aussi
j'ai trois place pour talentime
la film commence a neuf heures
avant, nous pouvons faire les courses
nous allons en voiture

ahahhahahahaaha...seems like I'm having a kindergateen in french language, but I like!!!! I rock it...hehehee

je'taime beaucop...que est que ill ya??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adai-Adai Song

its a traditional song made from our neighboor country, Brunei Darulsalam, its a part of my races, my Dads side, all our cultural, Universal things in Asia are so unic, discover it,while it still exist....

Love our culture, live it,rock it, enjoy with it....

Monday, March 16, 2009

what will lecturer do for you if you're in trouble???

Okay....the day start with a wonderful moaning... Opps...morning...hehe... I took my towel as my friends had his bath first, and then I go into the toilet about 7.40am like that, I took shower and refresh enough, dry everything, wore my pink shirt, look casual enough, and put my deodorant and spray perfume all over my body...haha, and we drove off about 8.20am....

we reach to our "lovely Intekma class", about 8.40am., she was already infront, sitted, "good morning Madame".. (with whisper sound)..she is not reply it, so we took our sit, infront,left or her site..

(this is not what it may seem in Intekma) huuuu!

Today, we had to send or submitted our assignment, about the article review,,.....actually, I've done for the draft as well, b'coz I'm not so get attention on the previous week, so I do that with not asking any classmate...(stupid moey)lol....

but, eventhough it is not for submit today, I brave myself to infront her, ask her about the draft,....

Me: ive finish our draft (partner with my roomy), i just want to make sure that I do it right or not???(even broken, why not try...rite???)hahahaha

madame: let me see....

(lots of conversation, and some people was around there come to see us,what was I discuss with Madame)..

but the thing, that I'm not satisfied with "lecturers atitude", she suddenlly say that.."dont expect me to do a correction for you,..".... sump of my tears..huhuhu
(tag for bengang, this pictures come out first)
and, to Farid who just come and help me with "attempting" word, is just something comes out from my mind, and type it into my draft, so no body perfect...huhu

I just want to ask weather it is right or not, to do a draft like what I've done before, so there is no mistake until the real report will submited to her...

thats why student felt so embarassed to come and seing each other with lecturer personally, speaking in english lagi...opps...hahaha

nevermind, after this, grumble feeling will overwhelming into myself...huhuhu....

so the point is, for all lecturers out there, feel love to your student, dont expect us as a person who do always right, we are not perfect, we still climb the mountain as you do while you are being student like us...Im not stupid, neither clever...maintain...peace!

my new edit for a new picture to my friend=fiffy~


this time i would like to post another picture edit, which a favor from my fren, fiffy. He told me to do some picture edit which is combine his picture with afgan, the most talented singer from Indonesia, he totally good in singing his faselto, and love it....

so this is the picture I've come out with, Lut, cantik ka????hehehe:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

anger situation : WTF MeN!!!!~ not similar with others who use F**k directly, but the thing is, this situation next will I story for u guys, really made my temperature going up!!okay..i'll start with:

I went for a credit top up grocery, which was just ahead next through our house, I went there because thats the one I 'think' quite high hospitality, but its turn nothing.

before this, theres a girl who really good in "top up" skill, which was tip top and people most likeable, but she went for another place, i dont wat she's up to her manager, but for the next girl i want to share, just really make my temper goes up :

me :top up 5 ade (with a good smile which only can gave by hospitality student,ehehe,dont get me wrong...)

the gurl : ada,tulis...(faces like having thunder just a few second)....

~so I just directly wrote on the paper, my no. 017-663****...hehehe

and a few second, tetet`,...reload mari...

I gave RM50....cause I dont have any small amount of money....

the gurl: adei, bayar RM50, tapi reload RM5....mcm kaya....

(panggg!!! OMG, those sentence make me crazy a litle bit)...

me: ni je duit yg saya ada...

the gurl: ala,lain kali bawa duit kecik, tkkn nak bgi semua duit keci kat sini kat awk??

me: (mendiam kan diri)...took the change and go....

it will suck me up till the end of day to not forgive her, (klu dia dtg la minta maaf)...huhu...
for all customer will hate this if this situation happen through you rite???so, station going to change to another top up grocery....a new one....merajuk....huhuhu

end of discussion by moey

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More lyrics Made by my mouth factory :

Sang Pencinta

datang la wahai sang pencinta
peluk diriku sekuat kudratmu
seperti kan esok tak akan tiba
seperti tiada fikiran yang bercelaru

permintaan sang kekasih cuma satu
jangan tinggalkan diri keseorangan
pasti matahari kan bersatu
bersama siang menerangi awan

datang sekali jangan lagi pergi
tidakkan mahu tangisan merintih
mengharap penantian menjadi kenyataan
sang pencinta datang membawa harapan

tidakkan mahu menahan air mata
kerana ianya amat memedihkan
sepahit kisah kenangan lama
tak ingin sekali lagi mengenangkan

copyright original by moey (

Maaf perkataan yang indah~

Sekali lagi aku menghantar sesuatu terhadap blog ku ini, terdapat banyak halangan sebenarnya untuk mengupdate, tapi ku latih tabah menghadapi (formal word plak)..kuikuikui...

sori la, sebab aku ni jarang menulis tentang perkara-perkara yang terbaru, sebabnya bkn la banyak, tapi satu jer, malas....hehehe

tapi, hari ini macam banyak dosa pula aku lakukan, mungkin pada seseorang, mungkin terhadap satu komuniti besar, mungkin juga pada makhluk sekitar ku..

Sori kalau aku ni salah perilaku terhadap seseorang., sori kalau aku bukan seseorang yang boleh terima sebarang gurauan, sori kalau aku salah anggap pada mereka-mereka yang jalan dijalan yang betul...

maaf ja dapat ku berikan, kerna aku bukan ada apa2, hehehee...

maaf dari hujung rambut hingga hujung kaki.

Monday, February 9, 2009

~~sick of love~~

people are really judging themselve when the negative situation happen in their real world of L.O.V.E. ;

"Im not good enough for you?"

"Are you bored with me?"

or "Are you having another one?"

it always happen,thinking on something clueness, never get the answer. But why it still need to put them into the first stage of our heart???

"becoz he/she is the one for me."

"first and last for me"

"stick already, cannot be replace"

people always answer that question, but sometimes, others are really strong to say, "I can find more better than you!!!"......

but for me, love at first sight, first touch, are always be the last, even we cant get it for real, trust me, a little heart will save them to love you again. Not here in the earth, but "up there".......

are u lucky enough????

Are you lucky enough??
People always want something that really related to easier living situation. But it may not like what we had today, but sometimes others will get it easy.
I’m not telling that this kind of situation are wrong, but people who not easy to get in into that kind of situation, what are they need to do? Even I’m also, always talking by myself, why I’m not rich like Mr. Trump? Why I’m not clever like Bill Gate? Why I’m not sporty like Dato’ Nicole David?
See, it always plays into my mind. Which are plays by your mind to? I think yes. But when I think again, it is not wrong to be what I’m right now; I’m not good looking, but attractive, hahahaha
I’m not clever enough, but I’m creative, I’m not sporty, but I can ran more than 2 kilometers, see, that was my capability on trying something that I can do.
Before this, I never thought that I can manage to attempt any University, but on my ability to capture a thing to be done, I manage to get in into UiTM, and I love it.
Sacrifice may be use to any person who living as a human in this tiny world. Dignity and trust on good thing will get you something more benefit to be price on what we do, what we feel, and what we trust.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

MAS AF sakit jiwa???

Bila kedengaran artis yang bernaung di syarikat Maestro itu, dikatakan sakit jiwa dan telah menyerang orang awam (betulkan jika salah), membuatkan industri musik kini bergegar dengan cerita tersebut.

Melalui sumber yang kita percayai, Melodi dan juga Galaksi (rancangan tv9), mengatakan bahawa dia tertekan dengan album yang dijanjikan oleh pihak maestro.

Pendapat saya mengenai hal ini bukan tertumpu kepada Mas untuk dipersalahkan sepenuhnya, pihak lain turut terlibat.

Seperti kata Freddy Fernandez, mengatakan bahawa, pihak maestro tidak berhasrat untuk menyambung kontrak dengan Mas, akan tetapi Mas menolak, kerana ingin terikat dengan Maestro lagi.

Jika freddy berkata yang Mas tidak begitu berbakat, mengapa dari awal lagi Akademi Fantasia mengambil Mas sebagai calon finalis Af musim ke-2?(betulkan jika salah).pihak pengkritik juga berkata bahawa Mas ada potensi untuk pergi jauh, tapi pada masa kini, Mas seperti dihindarkan jauh dari industri musik.

Bukan semua telah berbuat demikian, Azwan Ali sebagai contoh yang terbaik kerana mengambil beliau dalam rancangan amboi2, sebagai 'bulan jamaica', telah menaikkan lagi rancangan tersebut. apa-apa pun tetap Azwan Ali yang telah membantu sedikit sebanyak kehidupan Mas dalam Indsutri ini.

Mungkin Mas sendiri lemah dalam mengawal diri sehingga dikatan sakit jiwa kini(masih belum titik noktah sakit jiwa beliau), akan tetapi, tekanan perasaan pun, bukan semua boleh kawal, terutamanya, pihak wanita. Bukan maksud saya,wanita tidak cekal, tetapi sesetengah orang akan mengambil jalan mudah untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini. Begitu juga lelaki.

Kepada keluarga Mas, harap dapat bersabar, dan kepada semua pihak yang terdekat dan jauh, harap dapat membantu Mas dalam meneruskan hidup yang lebih sempurna dan normal sedia kala. Kerana, Mas masih ada keluarga dan juga anak-anak, oleh yang demikian, dapatlah membantu beliau untuk meneruskan kehidupan seperti dahulu.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Universal Music????????

When we are talking about music, theres a lot of it, from the aged we are not born, its exist until now, we surrounded by music. i love music, music rythm click to our heart, feel to dance, sing with the singer, or just the melody, its harmonic of each instrument,played by the profesional, it doesnt matter what type of music youre listen to, but it depends on your priority to reduce your tension, or just having fun with it...

I love jazz,waltz, but might be unliken by others, its still, universal to say that music can make people hates somebody...but it just human nature. but feel free with the music.!!!!!!

do you love rock music??????

I love it to..but just a certain of it, not all the music of rock i like, seems people have another definition on how they describe the rock music for their own opinion. still, feel free to listen the music...such helloween, metalica, yess, definitely, this band already being known all over the world, i love their music, some song can be my favourite...

how bout this punk music???

just a certain of it can be my favourite to, especially from malaysia,A.C.A.B, one of my brothers favourite, but not bad, their song not to directly into the punk daily life, their song more to contain of express on what their think for this life, but sure, not really that bad. try to listen.

SKA???love it...!!!!!!

we kind like a place to put all the type of music together here in Malaysia, we have new born of music such as indie song, even its exist long time ago, but now it become habit for those people who active in this type of song, nowadays, this band speak up and really fast growth and being except by malaysian citizen, like a carnival and fiesta, we appreciate on the creativity and loyalty to support our own music industry..Peace!!

What type of it, what song you listen, just be it, people love it, try to love it, just be it, no body say no, just dont try to put music into your own war,music not an item to start your controversy, just chill with it, enjoy with it....PEACE no WAR!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

joging for health, not to skinny!!!(mengharap juga kurus)..hahhahahah~~

hari yang kami cxl kelas utk kelas service management, we decided to had a jog, together around the lake just beside of the UNISEL,shah alam.. hari tu, tia sangka, bole pusing 3.5 round tu tasik...fuyyooo.!!!syabas utk diri ku...hahaahhah

yalakan, aku ni dah la gemuk, people of us really hard to jog on that long meters,maybe kilometres,..hahhaha

but, for rite now, i determine myself to put an sport activity, as one part of my schedule everyday, tapi ari ni, sakit perut cxl,lagipun geng yg lain tia ikut, so today its cxl....

this are the picture we took yesterday, the best picture took by D.D, (rite next to me)., semua empat2 masuk, lain gambar adayg tiga, adayg dua org ja tegambar..hahaaha

so, bukan utk kurus, my mom always said that, active leisuring doesnt meant to loose some weight only, but to have good healthy while you still mom kan , ssh owh mau dapat sakit ni.. dia aktif pgi joging, and she always bought something healthy product such water fillter, (if you scroll, you can look down of the web), and so many thing...even it expensive, still want to buy, and see, my mom still look good, and healthy, my father ja la ,ssh sikit mau gerak..habis keja, penat...tapi apapun, harap kami bahagia sampai kami ada keluarga yang besar, i love my family....... :)

what a mess?????!!!!!

lamanyer aku tgglkan blog ni....busy sgt kot????(ye ke??)...hehee...ape je la... tp yg penting skang ni , aku mengalami satu kebodohan yang amat sangat....bodoh gila nak mampus... tapi apakan daya utk menutup kebodohan aku, aku tepksa mengeluarkan duit yg begitu bnyk...

lpas ni, malas nak ikut kebodohan itu lagi.....tutup!!!!!!!!!!!

perenggan/cerita baru
nak cerita la.sejak tak berblog ni, sebelum ni ada cuti seminggu, aku demam sangat....tu yg tk gi joging, badan yg tak turun2 naik mendpat kan cecahan yang amat menyeramkan...hahahaha... tapi tu la, skang ni nak aktifkan balik....sebb melalui fakta sains mengatkan( ceh konon)., apabila kita membuat senaman selari dengan kehidupan kita, yang mana kita sentiasa bersenam(berhari-hari), kadar metabolisme dlm bdan akn sentiasa pada tahap membakar, akan tetapi jika kita meninggalkan senaman tersebut let say, 3 days, kadar metabolisme akan menurun...

oleh itu ,saya ikut la fakta sains itu, dan sekarang ni saya pun pegi la joging kat tepi unisel tu ada tasik, kat sana la saya sentiasa mengeluarkan peluh.....scenary pun canteekk..hehehehe

now and then, harap tidak la badan saya kembali sperti tingkatan 5, kalau boleh badan aku krus seperti di politeknik, nak masuk kan gmbr tingkatan 5, tkde soft copy, ni gmbr time kat poli:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ziana zain-dingin (cover by mrs pink)

pernah dengar lagu dingin ka????

best oowh tu lagu,,, lagi best kalau kak ziana nyanyi, tapi yang ni, pelik sikit,,....

kamu dengar ja la.....

kami pegi kutub utara!!!!!

hehehehehe......saja ja, actually, start from this january-feburary, bukit cahaya will having the winter season, so they will create a winter surrounding here at bukit cahaya, shah alam.... boleh tahan la sejuknya, from -2 to -7, kira mcm dlm frozen and chiller hotel la...eheheheheheh

here some of the picture, hope kamu suka la.......mwaaxxx!!!

went to putrajaya!!!!!!!!!

a set of my new album....hehehe
putrajaya kami serbu.... best juga la, tapi nda sempat time sunset....but enjoy with the picture...... :)