Friday, March 19, 2010

dear blog...

Why I always had this feeling??? Loving someone without knowing what the consequences will come out in a future? I Know the answer will be the same as well to my past situation, I know, nobody will took me as part of their life, as well to fill their heart with feeling to love me, I know it will harm myself due to what have been wrote to my destiny, and many things around my head, just like the bird flew against the wall.

Most of the human out there, got their own soul partner, just a simple as snap, you snap it, and you got it. But for me, snap for hundreds times, its only hurting myself.

I know, motivation has to build up through my feeling, I know, beside on waiting somebody to love me, there’s a lot of people already love me by looking who I really am. I know, what bad think happen, there’s a good thing will come out to.

What I want to do right now, try to give it all the way. Do I have that courage? I don’t know… perhaps, it won’t show.

I’ll try to believe in myself; someday one of them will miss me as what I miss all about them right now. Because of what I attempt to do, enjoy with all of them who love as my guidance, as friends, as the citizen.

Love you as I always do.