Monday, August 31, 2009

a night before merdeka....hihuhuh

I just went back home after celebrated for a birthday party, not so party, bcoz on mood of fasting, so we had a meal after breakfast.....

3 beautiful people...hehehe

farid, E, zarul and Hassan

cupcake homemade by intan

before we heading to Intan's house, we decided to bought a present to Fared, the birthday boy, and we choose a mug for the gift.

1 Malaysia signature....hehehe.....from up left; E, mimie, Imah, Jiha, Intan..
from left below; syam, moey(me), zarul, D.d and Farid(birthday Boy)

Intan told us to came early before he achange plan, so surprised him after we arrived together... nice breakfast so called 'party',hehehe.,,so those are the picture, the turqoise color is the birthday boy, and the organizer; intan wore matched color with his boyfriend...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak dan Merdeka!

even im late to wish u all, but still we in a mood of Ramadhan. now we in a 9th of Ramadhan, si 9 days already we have been fasting.

syukur, we still live in a country far from war compare to the middle east country that fighting for their needs.

as we know, tomorrow also a big day to celebrate by us, a Merdeka Day, so in a month of Ramadhan , let us pray to Allah s.w.t, to have the prosperous and bless for living in a such wonderful and peaceful country.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a crappy holiday to me.... :(

recently, me, as a student of uitm, im not sure if this called a happy feeling or bad on having a holiday shocked announcement last week. For other students, well, they went back home to their own hometown,but for those who live far away from shah alam, like me, is hard to express my feeling, either like it or not....

my friends told me to go back to setiawangsa, coz my cousins were live there.. but, im to lazy to 'move my butt', hehehe....

so I finish my holiday alone here in my new rented house... hhehhheehh

living alone doesn't make me feel afraid,especially when i have an experience living alone while having a practical; during my diploma studies,i live in a village, surrounded by coconut tree and bushes, and when night comes,its so dark, there were no light at all on the road, but what makes me feel brave to live there, House of Allah(mosque) just next to my house,...hehehe...

when 'azan' on air, many of the dogs will do the singing, hoooohhooooohoooo...!! hahah, just like in a coir, so harmony...hehe..

so for this holiday, alone, again... many think i do just watched tv, dance like crazy, singing alone, and buy food in tapau only,...

its feel bored, but i have decided on it, to live alone than go back home to setiawangsa...

thats all for the news.....hehehe