Wednesday, April 1, 2009

little note to the psycho...

dear pyscho,

am I falling through the wrong part??
am I being manipulate to the surrounding situation??
am I being control by the human who doesnt know how to life??
better tell me because its hurting me..
better be honest by using confession,
tell me the truth so I'm not waiting..

I hope a little faith guide me to achive the destiny,
the line which bring me to broke the berrier,
clear my path, clear my reality,
so it wont be a fantasy that being killing my soul..

dear pyscho,

push me away, so I wont be near at you,
help me to pull again, my happiness back than.,
hoping again my destiny will remain..
hope I get what a thing missing and un seeing..

yours hatter,
the lovers...

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RiRa said...

hye..invited..tukar url je.

akupenulisbiasa said...

hehhee...tanks... :)

akupenulisbiasa said...
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